Whats Does Spontaneous Mean?

What is spontaneous example?

The definition of spontaneous is unplanned or done on impulse.

An example of spontaneous is waking up and deciding to take a trip across the country that day..

Is it good to be spontaneous?

Being spontaneous can give you some relaxed and uninhabited qualities, because no matter what happens next, you can deal with it. This is an incredible trait to have in life. Aside from the whole mind-like-water mentality, spontaneity has some other added benefits: Keeps your mind sharp as a tack.

What does being spontaneous on the job mean?

At the extreme, very spontaneous people are just that: spontaneous! They rarely ever plan, and if they do, rarely ever stick to that plan or timeline. Not to say they aren’t good or won’t get the job done, but they’ll do it in an unorganized fashion.

Does spontaneous mean random?

Spontaneous means unpredictable process which is governed from within rather than by external conditions like temperature and pressure. Random implies any time, it may happen without any pattern.

What is spontaneous speech?

Spontaneous speech is defined in opposition to prepared speech, where utterances contain well-formed sentences close to those found in written documents. … This is confirmed by extending the speech spontaneity characterization approach to build an efficient automatic speaker role recognition system.

What is spontaneous decision?

The word spontaneous refers to quick, hasty, or impulsive acts. Therefore, spontaneous decision making is a process of instantaneous selection from available alternatives. … On the other hand, when someone has very little or no time to make a reasoned decision, it typically results in a spontaneous decision.

What does it mean to be spontaneous?

1 : proceeding from natural feeling or native tendency without external constraint. 2 : arising from a momentary impulse. 3 : controlled and directed internally : self-acting spontaneous movement characteristic of living things.

What is a spontaneous woman?

Spontaneous women are the forever optimists. They find adventure in a less than ideal circumstance. When you’re lost and panicking, they’re excited about what you may discover on the way. They see good in every situation, and while dating them, you will too.

What’s another word for spontaneous?

Some common synonyms of spontaneous are automatic, impulsive, instinctive, and mechanical. While all these words mean “acting or activated without deliberation,” spontaneous implies lack of prompting and connotes naturalness.

How do you use the word spontaneous in a sentence?

Spontaneous sentence exampleSometimes spontaneous events worked out better than well-planned ones. … Helen is a wonderful child, so spontaneous and eager to learn. … And Nicholas heard her spontaneous , happy, ringing laughter.More items…

Is Spontaneous a feeling?

1. Proceding from natural feeling, temperament, or disposition, or from a native internal proneness, readiness, or tendency, without constraint; as, a spontaneous gift or proportion.

What is a spontaneous person like?

What are the characteristics of someone with a spontaneous personality? They like to keep their options open and don’t mind if plans change. They wait to make decisions until they’ve gathered all the information. They like having flexibility in their schedules, projects and deadlines.

How can you tell someone is spontaneous?


What does spontaneous mean in a relationship?

Dr. Chronister explains, “Spontaneity involves unpredictability and it heightens intensity and excitement in a relationship. Spontaneity is the opposite of routine.” It might sound silly, but just the simple act of doing something unexpected for your partner can really change things around.

How can I be spontaneous sexually?

10 ways to keep sex spontaneous, exciting and x-ratedAppreciate your partner. Your. … Flirt with your partner. How did you two land one another? … Spend quality time together sans kids. … Go to bed at a reasonable time. … Sex doesn’t have to happen in bed at bedtime. … Move your sleeping child out of your bed. … Schedule a night or weekend away. … Communicate.More items…•Nov 19, 2015

Is being spontaneous on the job good?

Being spontaneous helps you embrace and value change. Over time, it enhances your leadership flexibility as you get more comfortable dealing with a situation as it develops. When change is the only constant, leaders who are adaptive become valued assets. Spontaneity also fosters greater creativity.

What is spontaneous group?

Spontaneous group actions are characterized by agents acting together immediately, without relying on the other’s validation, and isolate an essential feature of group action, that is, the co-agential perspective agents have towards one another as agents acting together.

How do I make my man more spontaneous?

9 ways to be more spontaneous in your relationshipPlan a surprise trip. … Or a staycation. … Have random and unplanned sex. … Try something new. … Take an exercise class together. … Break household routines. … Start listening more. … Send a ‘Simply Because’ gift.More items…•Jun 8, 2017

How can I be a more fun person?

21 Tips To Be More Fun And Less Boring To Be AroundPractice being relaxed around people. To be fun to be around, you have to make others feel comfortable around you. … Show others that you’re relaxed and easy-going. … Be non-judgmental. … Be a good listener. … Open up. … Be able to laugh at yourself. … Find your type of humor. … Be the glue that holds people together.More items…•Jan 21, 2020

Are you a planner or spontaneous?

Are you a planner or do you love being spontaneous? Planners like to schedule activities on a regular basis and segregate those activities in terms of individual actionable items. People who like to be spontaneous, on the other hand, deal with the moment and situation on their feet without any pre-preparation.