Quick Answer: What Were The Problems With Motte And Bailey Castles?

What are the disadvantages of a Motte and Bailey castle?

At a glance: disadvantages of Motte and Bailey castlesTimber burns easily -and attackers quickly learned that firing flaming arrows could defeat the castle.Timber rots, to0 – castles quickly ran into disrepair, and often became abandoned by their owners.Mottes often had a broad base.More items….

Why were Motte and Bailey castles difficult?

Castle builders added many defensive features to make their castles difficult to attack. Many castles were built on high ground with clear views of the surrounding land. … The walls of the castles were very high making it hard for attackers to climb over.

What was bad about stone castles?

They were expensive to build and to maintain and so only the wealthiest lords could afford to build very secure stone castles. Stone castles were built on a square or rectangular plan. Attackers had to simply find a way of tunnelling underneath one of the corners to bring down a whole section of the castle.

Why did Normans build castles?

After their victory at the Battle of Hastings, the Normans settled in England. They constructed castles all over the country in order to control their newly-won territory, and to pacify the Anglo-Saxon population. These early castles were mainly of motte and bailey type.

What were some drawbacks of using a castle for defense?

What were some of the drawbacks of using a castle for defense? People would not be able to leave the grounds, they could run out of food/water, many people living together at one time. Peasants would come onto the castle grounds for protection from war.

What makes a Motte and Bailey castle strong?

The sides of the motte were very steep. It would have almost impossible to run up the sides of the motte, making it an excellence defence, A deep ditch was dug around the bottom of the motte for extra protection.

What are the disadvantages of stone keep castles?

Stone keep castles were a lot bigger than motte and bailey castles and were able to hold more soldiers. Because of their vast size they were much harder to attack. However, they had two main weaknesses – there was nothing to be done if the enemy surrounded except remain in the castle.

How does a moat protect a castle?

The purpose of a moat was primarily to protect the castle from attack. As a defense mechanism, moats were very effective. Although they’re usually depicted as wide, deep bodies of water, moats were often simply dry ditches. … Castles, on the other hand, offered safety in the form of strong walls and fortifications.

What are the 4 types of castles?

The Medieval Castle: Four Different TypesWithin an Existing Roman Fortress. The earliest medieval castles built by the Normans were either constructed within an existing Roman Fort or were Motte and Bailey castles. … Motte and Bailey Castles. … Stone Keep Castle. … Concentric Castles.

Why were Motte and Bailey castles not safe from attack?

The timber buildings in the Bailey and the Tower itself would burn easily under attack. Having breached the Bailey it would be relatively easy to mount an attack and set the buildings on fire.

What happened to Motte and Bailey castles?

Motte-and-bailey castles became a less popular design in the mid-medieval period. In France, they were not built after the start of the 12th century, and mottes ceased to be built in most of England after around 1170, although they continued to be erected in Wales and along the Marches.

Who lives in a Motte and Bailey castle?

Life in the Norman Motte and Bailey Castle Bailey – the occupants of the Bailey were the soldiers and the servants – blacksmiths, cooks, storekeepers, stable hands etc. The objective of the Motte and Bailey castle occupants was to control the surrounding area.

How could a Motte and Bailey castle be improved?

During the 12th century many castles were improved and strengthened by using stone as the ain building material. The wooden defences of motte and bailey castles were replaced by walls and towers of stone.

How long did it take to build a Motte and Bailey castle?

eight daysThe motte and bailey castle at Dover took just eight days to build – according to William of Poitiers who was William’s chaplain. Was such a feat possible? Building castles then was very labour intensive.

How was the Motte and Bailey castle attacked?

Fire. Fire was the best way to attack the early Motte and Bailey castles since they were made entirely of wood. The fire might be started by building a bonfire against the outer wooden fence (palisade) or, more usually, by archers shooting fire-arrows into the castle.

What was the purpose of Motte and Bailey castles?

Motte and bailey castles were a form of castle structure that enabled the new Norman conquerors of England and Wales to secure areas of land quickly and cheaply. The Normans needed a castle design they could erect quickly to subdue the vanquished Britons.

Why did castles stop being built?

Why did they stop building castles? Castles were great defences against the enemy. However, when gunpowder was invented the castles stopped being an effective form of defence. … The medieval castle with its high vertical walls was no longer the invincible fortification it had been.

What is the oldest castle in the US?

A Collection Of The Oldest Castles In The United StatesBacon’s Castle (1665) Located in Surry, VA, this is the oldest castle in the United States. … Castillo de San Marcos (1672-1695) … Bowman’s Castle (1789) … Eastern State Penitentiary (1829) … Lyndhurst (1838-1865. … Wadsworth Atheneum (1842) … Smithsonian Castle (1847-1855)Wesleyan Hall (1855)Dec 26, 2016