Is Uber Available In Ajmer?

How can I go to Ajmer by flight?

By Air.

Approximately 135 kilometres from Ajmer city, the Sanganer Airport located in Jaipur is the nearest airport from Ajmer.

The airport is well-connected to major metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai.

Once you reach at the airport, you can hire a cab to reach Ajmer..

How far is Khatu Shyam ji from Jaipur?

62 kmThe distance between Jaipur and Khatushyamji is 62 km. The road distance is 79 km.

Is Ola available in Pushkar?

The cab that waits, is your most convenient and pocket-friendly option for when you want to explore the ancient Hindu city of Pushkar. So go on, simply log on, book an Ola Rental and you get a comfortable, air-conditioned ride at your doorstep!

How far is Pushkar from Ajmer?

15 KmsDistance Between Ajmer to PushkarDistance between Ajmer to Pushkar by Road is15 KmsDistance between Ajmer to Pushkar by Flight is10 KmsTravel Time from Ajmer to Pushkar by Road is0:32 hrsNearest Airport in AjmerJaipur International Airport (26.45, 74.64)1 more row

How can I go Jaipur to Ajmer?

The best way to get from Jaipur to Ajmer is to train which takes 2h and costs ₹115 – ₹125. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs ₹200 – ₹800 and takes 2h 20m.

Is alcohol allowed in Pushkar?

As it is a holy place, there is no alcohol allowed in the whole town. However, you can still get ‘special’ drinks from many shops.

What time of day is uber cheapest?

“In my experience, 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. are the worst in terms of pricing because there is high demand for Uber,” Adkins says. “If you can wait just 10 minutes, regular pricing may come into effect again.” Another common peak time is when bars close for the night.

Is Uber in every city?

Uber is available in many cities around the world. With an Uber account, you can request a ride in any city where Uber operates, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How far is Ajmer from Jaipur?

135 KmsDistance Between Ajmer to JaipurDistance between Ajmer to Jaipur by Road is135 KmsDistance between Ajmer to Jaipur by Flight is125 KmsTravel Time from Ajmer to Jaipur by Road is2:18 hrsNearest Airport in AjmerJaipur International Airport (26.45, 74.64)Nearest Airport in JaipurJaipur International Airport (26.91, 75.79)

How do I know if Uber is in my city?

To check if the service is available in your area (or an area you might be traveling), use the city checker tool on the Uber website. You can also download the Uber app and setup an account. The app itself will notify you whether or not the service is available.

Is Ajmer Dargah safe?

This place is very unsafe for family. Local people harassing the tourists. In other places even if people come to you, no one will touch you.

Is Ola uber available in Ajmer?

Ajmer Car Rentals – Taxi Cab Hire in Ajmer. Ajmer is a gem of the Aravali mountains, guarded by Taragarh Fort. Located in Rajasthan, it is the 5th largest city in the state and is 135 km from Jaipur. … You could book an ola, uber or rent a taxi from Savaari in Ajmer.

How can I go from Ajmer to Pushkar?

The best way to get to/from Pushkar from Ajmer is by bus (10 to 15 rupees). From Ajmer to Pushkar, buses leave from both the bus station (“bus stand”) and the train station (“railway station”). At the bus stand, buses to Pushkar leave from the last stall, nearest the exit.

What is special in Ajmer?

11 Best Things To Do in Ajmer, IndiaBoating in Ana Sagar Lake. … Experience Tranquillity at Ajmer Sharif Dargah. … Explore the Magnificent Adhai Din Ka Jhonpra. … Be Mesmerized by the Akbar Palace and Museum. … Marvel the Scenery Atop the Jain Temples. … Stroll Through the Calm Daulat Bagh. … Feel like a Noble at the Jagat Palace.More items…•Aug 16, 2018

Is Ajmer worth visiting?

1.Dargah Sharif, Ajmer – This dargah of Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti is located in Ajmer, and has a beauty of its own. There are thousands of pilgrims come every day and made more famous by the movies and the Bollywood celebrities this place is worth a visit.

Why Pushkar lake is famous?

Pushkar is located on the shore of Pushkar Lake, which has many ghats where pilgrims bathe. Pushkar is also significant for its Gurdwaras for Guru Nanak and Guru Gobind Singh. … Pushkar is famous for its annual fair (Pushkar Camel Fair) featuring a trading fete of cattle, horses and camels.

Who is cheaper LYFT or Uber?

Because they are in direct competition, there are no clear-cut winners on pricing for Lyft and Uber pricing. If Lyft were much cheaper than Uber, Uber would go out of business, and vice-versa. Basic rideshare costs for both are approximately $1 to start, $2 per mile, and $0.25 per minute.